Marie-Chantal Kindou

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Marie-Chantal Kindou: Painting and prose from the higher self

Marie-Chantal Kindou

Marie-Chantal Kindou is an artist that captures the world visually as energy and translates the energy she depicts through verse.

Drawing from the higher realms of human consciousness, Marie-Chantal Kindou’s brushstrokes are guided by soul, heart and mind. The France-based artist captures in oil a level of vibrancy and vitality that is original and profound.

Marie-Chantal KindouMarie-Chantal Kindou’s color-rich paintings illustrate the spiritual realm, whether through canvasing the flow of energy between twin souls in ‘Twin Flames’ or the theatrical depiction of ‘Baba Yaga, known as the dark lady of magic in Russian folklore, “here to help us find our true Marie-Chantal Kindounature by connecting to mother earth and by confronting our deepest fears,” as Marie-Chantal Kindou puts it.

Most of Marie-Chantal Kindou’s paintings are accompanied by prose, as relayed by her higher self, adding wisdom and further insight into the energetic work…

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