Welcoming Stephanie Holznecht to bGallery



Super Charged - Direct Art 21

As an abstract artist I view the world from a different perspective. Everything I see and hear is a possible inspiration for a painting. Sometimes the emotions I feel are happy, sometimes sad. It depends on the situations and environments in which I find myself. So many sensations are evoked by the smallest of details. The world becomes overwhelming with everything my mind has to process. Painting allows me to pour these feelings out onto the canvas. It releases the pressure that builds up over the hours and days in-between picking up a paintbrush. It becomes my quiet time, where I can relax and just enjoy the moment.

Abstract art has become a way of life for me. It rules the images I see as I go through my daily life, provoking thoughts for my next painting and feeding off of my emotions for that day. The inspiration that…

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