About me

I studied political science in various universities such as Perth in Australia, Heidelberg in Germany and Tromsø in the Norwegian Arctic. During the study period, which spanned five years, I have deepened my drawing and painting skills. I realized early on that my true passion was in art and painting. Recently I took a step I dreamed for many years, particularly to devote all my time to painting.

I found a perfect environment for my project in the mountains of the “Rondane” in Norway, more precisely in “Drømmedalen” – the valley of dreams – http://www.dreamvalley.no

The tranquility of the valley of dreams gives me all the tranquility necessary for my work, while offering spectacular grounds for my paintings. Historically, landscape and nature dominate and inspire my work.

12 thoughts on “About me

      1. Its a normal canvas but then you, well in the old day smear chalk over it, now its a rubbery substance with chalk (gesso) The paint and especially the turpentine get soaked into the canvas as you paint 🙂


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